Understanding The Georgian Architecture

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Georgian architecture defines Ireland’s heritage especially in the urban settings. It is visible in many parts of the main Irish cities and even in lesser towns and the design features the aesthetic sensibilities of the “Georgians.”

While most of architects in Galway, architects in Ireland and best architects in Ireland concentrate on modern house designs and styles, historical architecture is dominant in Ireland.

Georgian architecture is not a single style of architecture but a name that refers to architectural styles common in Ireland between 1720 and 1830. The name is linked to the British throne of George I, George II, George III, and George IV who ruled in succession between 1714 and 1830.

The areas around Merrion Square, Saint Stephen’s Green, Mountjoy Square on the Northside and Fitzwilliam Square are defined by the Georgian period in Irish and British history and thus are defined by this type of architecture style.

For those interested in this type of architecture, it is characterized by many things. The height of a window is nearly in a fixed relation to the width. The rooms were based on cubes and architects ensured uniformity. The stonework was done in high precision to help create symmetry and adhere to classical rules. In 18th century, the regularity of house fronts along a street or around a square was more than the customization of the house by the home owners. Today, most architects in Galway, architects in Ireland and best architects in Ireland design houses based on customization and customization is actually a major thing in building a house.

In regard to the materials, the humble brick, or cut stone, were the basis of building the house. The dominating materials were red or tan bricks and almost white stonework painted in white. Today, architects in Galway, architects in Ireland and best architects in Ireland have a wide range of materials from which to select.

Today, you can commit architects to build your house in aggressive styles and designs using a number of materials. Modern architects are also more knowledgeable and use modern technology, which is better than traditional technology, and which yields more precision and quality of buildings.


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